[LaVilaDelPingüí] residency / work exchange

Emit Snake-Beings snakebeings a gmail.com
dis ago 12 16:39:35 CEST 2017

​I am interested in your residency program - I am a maker of electronic
shrines and machines and I would like to spend some time teaching workshops
and making these machines - my Spanish is limited / conversational
I have supplied some links below-​
interactive electronics and sound
Coin operated electrical shrines and interactive prayer machines
Videos of machines and documentaries <http://snakebeings.co.nz>
Arduino programming <http://snakebeings.co.nz/programming.php>
My PhD on DiY do-it-yourself culture
Look forwards to hearing from you-
I will be in Barcelona 15-23rd August - perhaps for a visit or if you have
an open time
all the best

Creative practice: www.snakebeings.co.nz

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