[LaVilaDelPingüí] Free $2, 000 3D Printer for Life Support Tech Members!

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div mar 3 06:41:04 CET 2017


One of 3D Printlife's 3d printer manufacturers has a groundbreaking FDM printer and they want to donate at least 10 of them to the Life Support network for beta testing.  

We can't say too much about it here but this is one of the largest desktop 3d printer manufacturers in the world and the machine will retail between $2,000 and $2,500.  It also represents a true step forward in FDM technology.

This beta testing program is not limited to the US and will include members from all regions. They expect to deliver the printers for testing in July.

Please review the requirements below and if you are interested please visit: https://3dprintlifesupport.com/become-a-tech/ and register for free today.

The manufacturer will be choosing this group in the next 4-6 weeks.

Beta testing requirements:

A.      Need to sign product testing NDA 
B.      We will donate 3D printer for testing 
C.      We might ask member to post their experience on youtube and social media 
D.     We might ask member to share their own 3D print file on the (manufacturer) website 
E.      We will review their online activities, especially in the forum of 3d printing

Thank you for your time,

3D Print "Life Support”

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