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div des 28 14:42:16 CET 2018

Hi La, I am Carolina, a designer that just graduated in FabAcademy. This summer, I have joined as Community developer on Wikifactory, a platform that hosts digitally fabricated, open source projects, and a community of experts and people interested in those topics. 
 The team and I were very excited about reaching out and opening a conversation about the future of technology and digital fabrication with your team. At Wikifactory, we believe that accessible tools and collaborative workflows can enable extraordinary things - fast!  Our platform provides a set of collaboration tools designed to help you and your community to work on physical products of all stages and sizes. Whether the hosting of files and documentation, an integrated feedback system or to visualise CAD through - ultimately, we want to help your community accelerate iteration. 
 Come take a look at the Wikifactory Platform and see how projects are featured! You can click through on any of the Projects to see how they work on the Platform. 
 We are making the most of really getting to know our community to build the best social collaboration tool for their digital fabrication projects based on their feedback and needs so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll help you get started! 
 Carolina Portugal  
 Community Developer at Wikifactory carol a wikifactory.com 
 Spain: +34 667 273 480 Twitter: @wikifactory

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